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Friday, August 31, 2012


When I first joined I was so excited. It's like a huge garage sale of new and used items, most are free with free shipping, some shipping is charge. But than I won a auction and was sent very cheap quality items and when I messaged the woman she was extremely rude and unkind to me. She refused to refund me, she refused to cover the cost of me shipping it back, she kept sending me nasty messages. So I sent Listia a message and now have to wait a week for this "dispute" to get settled. I thought maybe it was just one bad seller but than another seller had this adorable pair of Blue Clues Pajamas in my sons size that I wanted to bid on but first I wanted to know the condition they were in. So I asked the seller if the pajamas had any marks or wash wear. She immediately attacks and says that she wouldn't post it if it wasn't in good condition and she has never heard of wash wear. She than blocks me so I can't respond back or bid on the item. After two rude sellers in a row, I am leery to do tasks to earn any more credits and very concerned about auctions that I have bid on that end soon because now I'm worried that I'll have nothing but more bad experiences. It should be noted that both sellers that were just plain mean had high feedback ratings and were rated top sellers. It saddens me that there are such ice queens in this world.

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