Super Mommy Of Two: Chase had to go to the ER


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chase had to go to the ER

My son Chase was sitting playing with his baby toys and fell forward onto tile (we have no carpet) and when I went to pick him up his mouth was all bloody. I freaked. My husband is away at work until Sunday, so I called my mom to go with me to the ER. We had to go to ER because it was after Chase's doctor's hours. After a hour wait, that consisted of me holding the boo boo bear ice pack to Chase's mouth, we were finally admitted. Luckily, he just has a bunch of abrasions and no lacerations. The doctor said to just keep giving Chase ice and Tylenol, that he should heal quickly. Chase now has his first fat lip, it looks like he got into a fight. I'm just glad he didn't need stitches and that there is no permanent damage.


  1. Awww poor guy! Been there a few times. Mouth wounds bleed way to much! Doc told me no er needed the first time (i personally thought it would need stitches). And in case they didnt warn you dont be alarmed if it bleeds a little tomorrow. Hope he feels better quickly

    1. Yeah it scared me half to death because he never cries and he was screaming. Plus, he's yet to get injured. It looked a lot worse then it was is what the doctor said. I've been doing lots of cold washcloths and cold ice packs to try to numb it up. It's been bleeding a little but when he first fell I thought he was definitely going to need stitches. I hope so too. Thanks :)


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