Super Mommy Of Two: Clean Your Blow Dryer or Burn!!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clean Your Blow Dryer or Burn!!!!

Hubby, Chase, and I just arrived home. Monday we went to Tahoe and Reno. Tuesday we went to Tracy and Patterson. Hubby, Chase, and I are super sleepy. Backtracking...Sunday the Rainbow vacuum salesman came to show off his product because if my younger sister talked four friends or family members into permitting this man to do a hour long demonstration she received a prize. Granted I was not about to purchase a twenty five hundred dollar vacuum, despite all its gizmos and benefits. The gentleman did make an intriguing comment though, he asked if I ever cleaned my blow dryer, when I gave him a strange look, he responded that a blow dryer needs cleaned just as often as a vacuum. Of course, I had to Google this, and he was right! Apparently if a blow dryer is not cleaned at least twice a month than dust and grime builds up and this can cause the blow dryer to spark or start a fire! Let's just say I freaked out. I followed the ehow instructions on how to clean blow dryers to prevent fires. I quickly, while my husband watched me curiously, removed the grill that is on the back of the blow dryer (with the blow dryer unplugged and away from anything wet). When you remove the grill you notice that, just like a vacuum, there is a filter that intakes a vacuum. One can only imagine how gross this thing looked. I then grabbed one of the toothbrushes, my dentist is so kind to gift me after every visit, and brushed away the dust, the hair, and the unidentifiable substances inside the filter and on top of the filter screen. I, being little miss germ-a-phobe, then took a baby wipe and wiped down the outside of the blow dryer as well. I waited for this to fully dry before I used the blow dryer. Before I cleaned my blow dryer, it smelled like burnt hair or someone getting a perm (when it was being used), but after I cleaned it the blow dryer gave off no odor what-so-ever (when it was being used). I guess a blow dryer is supposed to be cleaned 2-4 times a month. I wanted to post this on my blog because I wasn't sure if I was the only woman unaware that blow dryers need cleaned. Plus nobody wants to see sparks fly (unless it's romantic sparks) or a fire burning down their restroom!

A step by step on how to clean a blow dryer can be found at this link:

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