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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cute and Fluffy Plushys Review
When I was a child and I was crying because I had a rough day at school, there was always one thing that cheered me up every time...a new stuffed animal. If it was fluffy and cute then I was happy. I slept with them, decorated my childhood room with them, and took them for car rides. The best stuffed animals were the ones my great grandmother made for me as a child. They were the softest, plushest, must cuddly stuffed animals ever. I kept these homemade plushys in a keepsake box for my future children. Chase has come to a age where if he can chew on it then he loves it. I wanted to give him my plushys but I feel I should wait til he's in a less destructive age. I do want to give him Baby Mickey themed gifts for his upcoming first birthday party, so imagine how thrilled I was when browsing Etsy, I found a woman who makes homemade plushys just like the ones my great grandmother made for me as a child, and she had Baby Mickey plushys! I immediately sent a message asking if she'd be interested in a product review and she said yes! I could not wait for these items to arrive in the mail!

Chase of course just wanted to play with them when they arrived and I quickly had to double knot the bibs because he kept untying them. It took some effort to get him to stop playing with them long enough to take some pictures. I could not get over how cute and crafty these are. The woman makes the fabric plushys and what I call Pom Pom "pill" plushys from scratch. The prices vary depending on the item. For example, the Fabric Baby Mickey is available for $16.00 plus $12.00 for shipping. The Pom Pom "Pill" Baby Mickey is available for $10.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

The seller does offer combined shipping rates. In my opinion, the prices are fair for the amount of work, finesse, and detail put into them, plus they are top quality items, and safe for children to play with and chew on. The stitching is immaculate and flawless. These are not items that could be found anywhere else but online. They are the perfect personalized gift for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or just everyday gift. There are a vast amount of characters, animals, and prints to choose from or a person can do a custom order as well. Once ordered, a tracking number is provided, and the item arrives in a box and bubble wrapped, so no damage will come to the item. The seller is a excellent and quick communicator, and is very friendly and willing to work with the buyer.

Chase loved these Mickey's and I plan on keeping them in his keepsake box once he is too old to play or be interested in them anymore. I can't wait to give these to him for his first birthday as gifts. I'm hoping he'll be a little less rough with the Mickey's then. He kept chewing and drooling all over them because he's teething. He also kept trying to figure out how to untie the bibs. Which is why he doesn't get to have them again until his birthday party. I hope he loves them and is as interested in them as he was when they came today. He could not stop giggling and when I took them away he cried.

I seriously could write for days about how soft these items are, how well made, how cuddly, and utterly lovable but I will end with saying check out Cute and Fluffy Plushys now! :-) You won't regret it, I promise :-)

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