Super Mommy Of Two: Chase's Trip To The Zoo


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chase's Trip To The Zoo

Today my husband and I took Chase to Sacramento Zoo. This was Chase's 2nd zoo trip. The first time we took him he was three months and slept most of the zoo visit while I took countless photos. This zoo trip though Chase helped daddy feed the giraffes, he babbled to the monkeys, giggled at the tiger, and rode the carousel with mommy for the first time. I took many photos and apologize for not blogging or doing any reviews. Tomorrow we are taking Chase on his first trip to Sacramento River, for a picnic by the river. I plan on writing a few reviews and being more active once again on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm trying to spend a significant amount of time with my husband and son before my college semester begins again August 25th, while also meeting blog product review deadlines. Thank you for being loyal readers and so kind hearted.

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