Super Mommy Of Two: Slicker Dog Grooming With Free Flea Comb And Bag Review


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Slicker Dog Grooming With Free Flea Comb And Bag Review

The dog grooming brush helps to eliminate dog fur shedding and reduce future shedding. I've always been very picky with what products I use on my puppy. I want only the best for my little furbaby. She is a hound mix and currently weighs forty five pounds. She has very short hair and I never previously noticed her shedding. When I brushed her with the brush she was very calm and began to fall asleep. I was very surprised to see how much fur the brush collected. She also itched quite a bit less afterwards. My dog's fur is too short for tangles but the product does promise to remove matting and tangles. I do believe that it removed dead fur and dead skin cells because my puppy went from constantly itching herself to little to no itching. She has extremely short fur so I wasn't able to judge if it made her coat appear fuller. I did notice her coat appeared much shinier.

I currently treat my puppy with Advantage ii for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies. I have never found any of these on or in my puppy's fur. The bonus flea comb is exactly like the flea comb my vet uses. I was easily able to check for fleas without worrying about causing my puppy discomfort. Which aids in proving how effective her flea preventive is.

Both items fit in a very nice storage bag to keep both products clean and if you're like me...keeps them from getting misplaced or lost!

I really have nothing to negative to report about this product. I love using it and my dog looks forward to me brushing her fur now.

The RollinPets Slicker Dog Grooming Brush, Removes Loose Undercoat Quickly And Pain-Free INCLUDES FREE Flea Comb by RollinPets can be purchased on for the low price of 19.99. 

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