Super Mommy Of Two: Grocery and Shopping Cart Cover by Croc N Frog Review


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grocery and Shopping Cart Cover by Croc N Frog Review

First of all the stroller hooks are genius! I used them to secure the cart cover on the shopping cart. I was being crafty! My daughter couldn't figure out how to break it or to pull it off the cart. She eventually gave up and willingly sat on it during our shopping trip. 

It's well padded too. Which is great because sitting on shopping cart bars doesn't sound pleasant. 

I also love the cart cover because it prevents my daughter from coming in contact with nasty shopping cart germs. 

The design of the cart cover is gender neutral and adorable as well. 

I like that this cart cover fits on all shapes of carts. My previous cart cover would not fit on Walmart or Target shopping carts because they were too wide.

I also use this cart cover when I go to a relatives house for my daughter to lay on and play with toys.

 I use it as a changing pad cover in store bathrooms too.

This cart cover can be purchased on for the low price of $26.98.

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