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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why there have been no recent reviews

While I am not one for creating false excuses as to why I have not been writing any recent reviews, I am one to clearly state facts explaining why this travesty has occurred.

My son has a learning delay and due to the circumstances surrounding this I have been pressed by many educators at his school to devote my time to assisting in his learning environment on campus. I have also received requests to work with him outside of school, as well, to ensure he is on par with the other children. I am also striving to prove that my son is special; but can adapt and exist in a regular preschool atmosphere, without requiring placement in a special needs classroom.

The Butte Fire raging in California is a mere 20-30 minutes from where my house is located. I am constantly checking to make sure that I do not need to evacuate my home. I have already packed what I may need for my children, my husband, our pets, and myself if our house gets evacuated.

While these may sound like mediocre excuses to many, I am hoping to have a few who understand where I am coming from. Please do not mistake this as my resignation from writing reviews. I have a list of reviews I still need to write and products that I need to promote. I plan on doing so as soon as possible. I am not one to fail my fans and the companies trusting me to get their name out.

I do sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that I may have caused.

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