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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Slicker Dog Grooming With Free Flea Comb And Bag Review

The dog grooming brush helps to eliminate dog fur shedding and reduce future shedding. I've always been very picky with what products I use on my puppy. I want only the best for my little furbaby. She is a hound mix and currently weighs forty five pounds. She has very short hair and I never previously noticed her shedding. When I brushed her with the brush she was very calm and began to fall asleep. I was very surprised to see how much fur the brush collected. She also itched quite a bit less afterwards. My dog's fur is too short for tangles but the product does promise to remove matting and tangles. I do believe that it removed dead fur and dead skin cells because my puppy went from constantly itching herself to little to no itching. She has extremely short fur so I wasn't able to judge if it made her coat appear fuller. I did notice her coat appeared much shinier.

I currently treat my puppy with Advantage ii for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies. I have never found any of these on or in my puppy's fur. The bonus flea comb is exactly like the flea comb my vet uses. I was easily able to check for fleas without worrying about causing my puppy discomfort. Which aids in proving how effective her flea preventive is.

Both items fit in a very nice storage bag to keep both products clean and if you're like me...keeps them from getting misplaced or lost!

I really have nothing to negative to report about this product. I love using it and my dog looks forward to me brushing her fur now.

The RollinPets Slicker Dog Grooming Brush, Removes Loose Undercoat Quickly And Pain-Free INCLUDES FREE Flea Comb by RollinPets can be purchased on for the low price of 19.99. 

Currently there is a black friday code that takes off an extra 30%: 
Black Friday Sale 30% Off Coupon Code-JXJUVTZD 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grocery and Shopping Cart Cover by Croc N Frog Review

First of all the stroller hooks are genius! I used them to secure the cart cover on the shopping cart. I was being crafty! My daughter couldn't figure out how to break it or to pull it off the cart. She eventually gave up and willingly sat on it during our shopping trip. 

It's well padded too. Which is great because sitting on shopping cart bars doesn't sound pleasant. 

I also love the cart cover because it prevents my daughter from coming in contact with nasty shopping cart germs. 

The design of the cart cover is gender neutral and adorable as well. 

I like that this cart cover fits on all shapes of carts. My previous cart cover would not fit on Walmart or Target shopping carts because they were too wide.

I also use this cart cover when I go to a relatives house for my daughter to lay on and play with toys.

 I use it as a changing pad cover in store bathrooms too.

This cart cover can be purchased on for the low price of $26.98.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Food Grade Silicone Slow Feeder for Dogs Review

Recently, I was sent the pink silicone slow feeder from the company DevotedDoggy. When I first received the product all I could think is my puppy is going to think this is a chew toy. 

Much to my surprise, Dolche enjoyed her new dog food feeder. She carefully ate around the ridges. She didn't try to chew the feeder at all. She actually chewed her food instead of swallowing whole pieces.

Dolche ended up eating all of her food. It took twice as long as her normal food dish because she was actually chewing her food and taking the time to eat around the ridges.

She ended up taking a nap after she consumed all of her food. She is a very active eight month old puppy and I was more than happy to let her sleep after her mini workout.

The box also contains a bonus travel bowl. It easily folds down flat and can be popped back up.

These items were super simple to clean. I just put them in the top rack of my dishwasher with my other dishes. When I took them out they were good as new. 

I love that this product is made from FDA food grade silicone because this material will not damage my dog's nose or retina. I also like how firmly it sticks to my kitchen floor. My dog could not move it. Third, I love that it helps promote healthy and safe eating. My dog has to chew her food slowly and this helps prevent bloat, obesity, and regurgitation.

The Devoted Doggy Food Grade Silicone Interactive #slowfeeder - Anti-gulping Bloat Stop - Foldable Travel Bowl Included can be purchased on for the low price of $7.95. It comes in either pink or green. It contains both the feeder and the travel bowl.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why there have been no recent reviews

While I am not one for creating false excuses as to why I have not been writing any recent reviews, I am one to clearly state facts explaining why this travesty has occurred.

My son has a learning delay and due to the circumstances surrounding this I have been pressed by many educators at his school to devote my time to assisting in his learning environment on campus. I have also received requests to work with him outside of school, as well, to ensure he is on par with the other children. I am also striving to prove that my son is special; but can adapt and exist in a regular preschool atmosphere, without requiring placement in a special needs classroom.

The Butte Fire raging in California is a mere 20-30 minutes from where my house is located. I am constantly checking to make sure that I do not need to evacuate my home. I have already packed what I may need for my children, my husband, our pets, and myself if our house gets evacuated.

While these may sound like mediocre excuses to many, I am hoping to have a few who understand where I am coming from. Please do not mistake this as my resignation from writing reviews. I have a list of reviews I still need to write and products that I need to promote. I plan on doing so as soon as possible. I am not one to fail my fans and the companies trusting me to get their name out.

I do sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that I may have caused.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reflective LED Safety Belt Review

I really like that I can charge this with a USB. I also love how highly reflective it is. I now feel safe walking my dog at night and taking her outside to do her business at night. My husband likes that he can work outside in the dark and not worry about being missed by passerby. I also like how widely adjustable in size it is.

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